What is Loss Bonus?

What is Loss Bonus?

Loss bonus is a type of promotion frequently encountered on online betting or casino sites. It is usually refunded as a percentage of the net losses experienced by a user. Such bonuses allow users to partially recover their lost money and encourage them to spend more time on the platform. However, these bonuses also carry some advantages, risks and points to be considered.


Loss bonuses can generally take the following forms:

  1. Cash Refund: A percentage of lost money is refunded in cash.
  2. Free Betting: Free bets are provided as a percentage of the losses.
  3. Game Credit: Credit is given as a percentage of the losses to be used in casino games.


  1. Risk Reduction: The loss bonus partially reduces the risk of users. So, there is a chance to get back some of the money they lost.
  2. Longer Playing Time: These types of bonuses encourage users to spend more time on the platform and place more bets.
  3. Morale Booster: Losing can always be demoralizing, but a payback such as a loss bonus can boost a user's morale.


  1. Wandering Conditions: Loss bonuses are generally subject to wagering conditions. This means that a certain amount must be wagered before the bonus becomes withdrawable.
  2. Limits and Restrictions: These types of bonuses usually have certain limits and restrictions. For example, minimum and maximum refund amount.
  3. Incentive Effect: The loss bonus may encourage some users to make riskier bets, which can lead to greater losses.

Things to Consider

  1. Terms and Conditions: The terms and conditions detailing the loss bonus offer should be read carefully.
  2. Validity Period: Time-related factors such as the validity period of the bonus and the turnover period should be checked.
  3. Game and Event Restrictions: It should be checked which games or events the bonus is valid for.
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